Course overview (in presence / hybrid / other)

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First semester courses offered (in presence / hybrid / other)

WW1 General Materials Properties

In presence; hybrid / other means upon request

WW2 Materials Science and Engineering for Metals

WW3 Glass and Ceramics

In presence; hybrid / other means upon request

WW4 Surface Science and Corrosion

  • Basics Electrochemistry I: Lecture (Tesler)
  • Berechnung von Korrosionsproblemen: Übung (Strebl)
  • Advanced Corrosion Science: Lecture (Strebl)
  • Surface Analysis I: Lecture (Höhlinger)

WW5 Polymer Materials

Lectures by Prof. Halik only in presence

Lectures by Prof. Schubert recorded upon request

WW6 Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology

  • Advanced Semiconductor Materials – Excited States and Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors – PD H.-J- Egelhaaf
  • Advanced Semiconductors Introduction: Devices & Applications – Dr. Andres Osvet
  • Advanced Semiconductor Technologies – Photovoltaic Systems for Power Generation – Design Implementation and Characterization – Prof. Ch. Brabec
  • Phosphors for Light Conversion in Photovoltaic Devices and LEDs – PD Batentschuk

WW7 Biomaterials

Only in presence

WW8 Materials Simulation

  • Introduction to Phase Field Simulation (PFM1) (Wendler)
  • Multi-scale Simulation Methods I (Moretti)
  • Materials and Networks (Moretti)
  • Introduction to Advanced Maths and Calculus (Moretti)
  • Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python (Moretti)
  • Foundations of Finite Element Simulation (FEM) (Zaiser)
  • Foundations of Computational Materials Science (CoMS I+II) (Zaiser)
  • Data Driven Materials Science (Zaiser)
  • Dislocation Theory and Dislocation Simulation (Disloc) (Zaiser)

WW9 Micro- and Nanostructure Research

  • Rasterelektronenmikroskopie in Materialforschung und Nanotechnologie (Przybilla/Spiecker)
  • Scattering Methods for Nanostructured Materials + Exercise (Will)
  • Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie in Materialforschung und Nanotechnologie 1 + Exercise (Spiecker)
  • Data Science for Transmission Electron Microscopy (Pelz)